"Better than Sleep"



Our Mission

Have you ever stayed up all night, entranced with something you just couldn't put down?

Our mission is to create smart, well-researched digital entertainment and educational works so riveting they are literally better than sleep.

Our aim is to invest the time, talent, and resources required to develop world-class works of interactive digital art, with mass market appeal, that stand the tests of the ages.

Video game? Interactive film? Digital literature? You be the judge.


Our Niche - Interactive Photorealistic Storytelling


Midknight Sun believes that current video technology allows for fully photorealistic imagery for adventure games and interactive film.

We believe these types of productions are well suited for story and character driven interactive works.


Our Expertise

Midknight Sun focuses on five areas of expertise that are critical for fulfilling our mission. They are:

• Storytelling
• Digital Imaging
• Technology Integration
• Software Development
• Project Managment



Midknight Sun’s approach to storytelling draws on extensive historical and literary research, a grounding in philosophy, an emphasis on characters, and a writing style, called lyric mythic, that weaves worlds of the most fascinating facts and fantasies of the ages.


Digital Imaging

Midknight Sun produces world class interactive digital video. Our live-action productions are shot both in the studio and in the field. Our emphasis is on storytelling with natural, mythical, and historic imagery.



Background panoramas and video for our project, Ynnis Myrddin, an interactive film about the ancient wizard Merlin, were shot in over a dozen locations throughout the continental United States and Hawaii.


Technology Integration

Midknight Sun constantly surveys the technological landscape to look for the best solutions to our core mission applications, both in the field and in the studio, and continuously experiments with alternative creative strategies.


Software Development

Midknight Sun develops consumer entertainment software as well as our in-house authoring and IT support tools using a wide variety of low level and high level programming languages.



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